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Principal Practices, EDL 900

Instructors: Heidi Hahn, Martha Spriggs & Nora Paul

Topic: Administrative/Leadership
Audiences: Specialist/Counselors & Pre K-12

The key to supporting staff morale and job satisfaction (and, therefore, student achievement) within schools lies within the principals: their values, skills, and leadership style. In order to understand how to improve student success, we must understand how to improve teacher quality. This course describes the important roles played by all members of a school staff in encouraging student success and presents tips, theories, and strategies useful to educational leaders seeking to increase and maintain motivation, morale, and job satisfaction among teachers. This course also includes discussion of the significance of social media in classrooms and school administration.

One-credit course expectations:

The learner's participation for one credit will be verified by:

  1. Completing the two categories of written assignments.
    1. At the end of each layer the learner will submit a few well written but concise remarks to address the layer's content.
    2. A one page summary reflection that is written upon completion of all of the modules incorporated in the selected UND course. End of Course Reflective Statement Requirements are provided. The final reflection must be sent as an attachment to the instructor of record at
  2. Checking the time stamp in the module indicating the amount of time the student spent studying the contents of the module.

Two-credit course expectations:

  1. The learner must complete one or more Authentic Practice Sets completing a minimum of 15 hours of additional work, beyond the requirements for the first credit, for a total of at least 30 hours for two credits.
    1. The additional 15 additional hours is focused on preparation of a portfolio exhibit that documents the design, implementation, and appraisal of an Authentic Practice Set applied to the content of the course.

Please refer to the Course at a Glance document below for more course information (requirements, grading, etc.)

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About Your Instructors

Heidi Hahn Heidi Hahn

Heidi Hahn is the director of special education for the Paul Bunyan Education Cooperative located in Brainerd, Minnesota. Prior to being the director, she spent five years as the assistant director of special education and 15 years as a teacher and mental health practitioner.

Hahn completed her doctoral research in the area of Leadership Practices and Their Impact on Teacher Job Satisfaction. The work explores what it is that principals do to increase levels of teacher job satisfaction from both the view of the principal and the teacher.

Martha Spriggs Martha Spriggs

After completing two years as an assistant principal, Martha Spriggs is now serving as head principal for the middle level grades in a K-8 school. Prior to entering educational administration, she served as an elementary teacher and a middle-level math teacher. She is also an experienced teacher mentor and coach. Prior to entering education, she worked as a client manager for American Express.

Spriggs earned her bachelor's degree in English from Augsburg College and her master's degree and principal licensure from the University of Minnesota. She is an avid learner and has many areas of specialized training. She is dedicated to being a learner every day as she immerses herself in her work as an educational leader.

Nora Paul Nora Paul

Nora Paul is the director of the Minnesota Journalism Center at the University of Minnesota. Previous to this position, she was the director of the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Paul has a master's degree in library science, but has spent her career working with journalists on improving their use of information technologies, first as the editor for Information at the Miami Herald and then running programs on computer-assisted reporting and research at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

Paul got her first computer modem in 1978 and has been using and studying the application of new communication information technologies since then as a news researcher, Internet consultant and trainer, and teacher.

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