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Laws, Safety and Technology, EDL 900

Instructors: Paula Forbes & Tom Wilson

Topics: Technology & Administrative/Leadership
Audience: Pre K-12

In this course, participants will learn about school safety as an intricate system, comprised of many aspects which must be addressed simultaneously - communications, emergency plans, surveillance systems, and security audits: all require sufficient planning, rehearsal, and involvement from multiple internal and external stakeholders. In addition, this course details two significant laws governing data use in education: data privacy and searches, describing the purpose and parameters of each.

One-credit course expectations:

The learner's participation for one credit will be verified by:

  1. Completing the two categories of written assignments.
    1. At the end of each layer the learner will submit a few well written but concise remarks to address the layer's content.
    2. A one page summary reflection that is written upon completion of all of the modules incorporated in the selected UND course. End of Course Reflective Statement Requirements are provided. The final reflection must be sent as an attachment to the instructor of record at
  2. Checking the time stamp in the module indicating the amount of time the student spent studying the contents of the module.

Two-credit course expectations:

  1. The learner must complete one or more Authentic Practice Sets completing a minimum of 15 hours of additional work, beyond the requirements for the first credit, for a total of at least 30 hours for two credits.
    1. The additional 15 additional hours is focused on preparation of a portfolio exhibit that documents the design, implementation, and appraisal of an Authentic Practice Set applied to the content of the course.

Please refer to the Course at a Glance document below for more course information (requirements, grading, etc.)

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About Your Instructors

Paula Forbes Paula Forbes

Paula Forbes is the founder and CEO of Forbes Solutions, LLC, a law firm offering employment relations consulting, legal services, and products to employers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Forbes provides individual and team performance development and coaching and works directly with leaders to build participatory and inclusive workplace environments.

Forbes is a facilitator and trainer and loves helping organizations design effective and creative workshops and planning sessions, or hosting a conversation that gets at the heart of what matters. Prior to establishing Forbes Solutions LLC, she helped leadership positions in private, public, and not-for-profit organizations practicing in the areas of EEO, HR compliance, labor, government affairs, and most notably, education law.

Forbes is the former General Counsel of the Minneapolis Public Schools in Minnesota and a co-creator of a Minnesota charter school. She also has extensive arbitration, mediation, and litigation experience. She is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota teaching Education and the Law at the graduate level.

Tom Wilson Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson spent 37 years in K-12 education, including working in two states, three school districts, and four high schools. He supervised more than $50 million in construction budgets and developed more than $10 million in school-business partnerships. As a result of the close working relationship his schools enjoyed with law enforcement, upon Wilson's retirement as a principal he became a deputy sheriff. For several years, he also taught the fundamentals of school finance to graduate students at the University of Minnesota.

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