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Using Open Educational Resources (OERs) to Create K12 Curriculum, T&L 2900

Instructor: Jessie Chaung

Topics: Instructional Strategies & Technology
Audience: Pre K-12

Teachers play a monumental role in facilitating opportunities for students to become critical thinkers, proactive citizens, and creative contributors to the world around them. But it's crucial that teachers are afforded the same opportunities to grow and learn new cutting edge digital teaching skills for todays "Digital Kids." In this online course, teachers will learn how to build capacity in using Open Educational Resources (OERs), sharing OERs and building OERs; they will connect with like-minded educators and communities, and establish a strong portfolio of an educator as a creator of digital curriculum and lessons. OERs provides institutions and educators access, at no cost, to the means of production to develop their competence in producing educational materials and instructional design.

Participants will learn why OERs are important building blocks for participatory learning. The Common Core State Standards also promote the idea that students should "use technology . . . to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others." Participatory learning, as a pedagogical model, underscores the urgency of facilitating learning experiences that help build the capacity necessary to contribute in today's society.

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Online Course
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Professional Development Credits: 3 - S/U grading
UND Fee: $480
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Online Course
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Professional Development Credits: 3 - Letter grading
UND Fee: $480
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About Your Instructor

Jessie Chaung Jessie Chaung

Jessie Chaung has career experiences across varied and different fields which has allowed her to build capacities in researching, team and project management. Jesse worked as a qualified science teacher for secondary schools. She pursued her master's degree in Electronic Engineering, then worked in a semiconductor foundry company for 10 years. In this period, Jesse obtained more than 20 U.S. patents and led a Research & Development team. She then was a business cost consultant for 5 years, working with all levels of employees, from CEOs to clerks, to help drive results.

Because of her passion in education and learning, Jesse built the website Classroom Aid Inc. to help educators understand the aspects of digital education. She likes to learn ideas from diversified fields, and consistently thinks of learning from the learners' points of view. Jessie is a big advocate for Open Educational Resources (OER). She likes to help teachers build the capacity of creating content with OER building blocks, and connects educators with OER communities. Incorporating OER with innovative technologies, especially mobile devices, is her current interest.

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